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FAQ (About Us)

1. There is no service cost, recruitment fee, or agency fee.
2. Thambis Consultancy offers a complimentary plane ticket*.
3. The employer pays the visa fee.
4. The registration fees for the NMC will be returned in full.
5. The employer will cover the cost of the IELTS and CBT.
6. The employer pays for the OSCE exam.
7. Pick-up from the airport
8. Three-month temporary housing has been arranged.
Yes, Thambis Consultancy is presently hiring for over 20 employers in the UK, including NHS hospitals and care homes.

For nurses, we offer online interviews.
We have a lot of nurse vacancies every month because we work with some of the most famous NHS institutions.
We conduct online interviews with nurses from India as well as other nations.

We manage regular recruitment events for nursing departments in mental health, operating rooms, medical, surgical, maternity, renal, and child health.
Check out our future events for more information.
At no stage during the recruitment process does Thambis Consultancy charge candidates.
In reality, we will reimburse the candidate for the majority of the registration costs, as well as
Thambis Consultancy knows the major factors an overseas migrant worker needs, like the living cost , support on and off the work, and the guarantee that all candidates pass the OSCE. Thambis Consultancy only recruits to the Hospitals and private employers who prioritise these needs.

FAQ (Employment)

Thambis Consultancy will guide and help you during the application process, as well as contact with NMC on your behalf.
Candidates must produce a 'Foriegn registration verification from' the local nursing council of their place of work, such as a hospital, clinic, or educational institution, in order to apply for an NMC nursing registration, regardless of past registrations.
If a candidate (nurse) has worked in a hospital or clinic without being registered with the local nursing council (Indian state/foreign nation), he or she will be needed to fill out a 'Registration Restriction Form,' which will be sent to the NMC UK through the local nursing council.
The candidate must update the document with the incorrect name with the local civic body or submit a Notary attested affidavit.
You do not need to take the Academic IELTS or OET exam if you have been working in an English-speaking country for the past year; instead, you can submit your registration certificate as confirmation of your language eligibility.
In these situations, you will be required to take UKVIELTS as part of your Visa application.
Thambis Consultancy will be able to contact with the NMC on behalf of a candidate if a third party authorization is obtained at the time of NMC application.
Instead of receiving a decision letter, applicants will receive an email with the test of competence invitation, also known as the Approval Letter, in the new NMC process (AL).
Thambis Consultancy will only provide guidance on how to complete the application; it will not be completed on their behalf.
All directions, however, will be supplied in detail.
two years (until CBT expires).
two years (until CBT expires).
The NMC is aware that a considerable number of highly qualified nurses who received their training abroad are unable to practise in the UK due to the closure of OSCE test locations.

The NMC is now looking into the possibility of opening the interim registration to international candidates.
Candidates who have already arrived in the UK and have completed part of the NMC registration process will be awarded interim registration.
We'll keep you informed about this.

Throughout the process, you must have a current nursing licence.
If the master's programme in nursing lasts three years, it is taken into consideration.
Yes, you can finish the second stage without passing the CBT.

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